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About NAVI


Zhongshan NAVI Packaging professionally provides a full set of packaging solutions for cosmetic and personal care, including cosmetic jars, bottles,containers, pump bottles, The company has a variety of products which can meet different customer requirements. Also, packaging materials for customized product lines can also be provided.

The company has broad experience in overseas marketing, thus being professional and timely to provide customers with a full range of services. The company guarantees exact delivery dates and superior product quality in accordance with customer requirements. The company's technical and design departments keep developing innovative products, and assist customers to develop their own creative products according to special needs. 

Our Products: 

Jars: acrylic jars, PP jars, PET jars, airless jars,PET-G jars, ABS jars etc. 

Bottle: airless bottles, sprayer bottles, lotion bottles, pump bottles,dropper bottles, perfume bottles, foam bottles, etc. 

Tube: cosmetic tube for holding gels, creams and transparent liquids.


Printing processing

Coating processing 

Custom design and moulds 

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