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Brief introduction to the advantages of cosmetic container glass bottle packaging materials

Brief introduction to the advantages of cosmetic container glass bottle packaging materials

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Glass is an amorphous inorganic non-metallic material, generally made up of a variety of inorganic minerals (such as quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, etc.) as the main raw material, and a small amount of auxiliary materials are added. of. Its main components are silica and other oxides. The chemical composition of ordinary glass is Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or Na2O·CaO·6SiO2, etc. The main component is a silicate double salt, which is an amorphous solid with a random structure. Widely used in buildings, used to separate light from the wind, is a mixture. There are also colored glass in which certain oxides or salts of metals are mixed to form a color, and tempered glass obtained by physical or chemical methods. Sometimes some transparent plastics (such as polymethyl methacrylate) are also called plexiglass.

Glass packaging materials and containers have many advantages:


1. The glass material has good barrier properties, can prevent the gas such as oxygen from invading the contents, and can prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing into the atmosphere;

2, glass bottles can be used repeatedly, can reduce packaging costs;

3, glass can easily change color and transparency;

4. The glass bottle is safe and hygienic, has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and is suitable for packaging of acidic substances (if vegetable juice drinks, etc.).

The glass bottles of Naimei cosmetics bottle manufacturers are non-toxic and odorless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier, non-breathable, rich in raw materials, low in price, and can be used repeatedly. It has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance and washing resistance. It can be sterilized at high temperature or stored at low temperature. Because of its many advantages, it has become the main packaging material for cosmetics.

Ordinary cosmetic container glass bottle has good chemical stability; easy to seal, good air tightness, transparent, can observe the contents of the contents from the outside; good storage performance; smooth surface, easy to disinfect and sterilize; beautiful appearance, rich and colorful decoration; It has a certain mechanical strength and can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation. In many occasions, we can see the use of ordinary glass bottles; China's glass products industry is also constantly improving and developing, creating more More beautiful and practical products, I hope the above knowledge is helpful to everyone!

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