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Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers talk about the contradiction between cosmetic glass packaging and plastic packaging

Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers talk about the contradiction between cosmetic glass packaging and plastic packaging

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The pros and cons of cosmetic glass packaging and plastic packaging have been in existence for a long time. After sorting out all kinds of relevant information published in various media, you will find that the use of plastic packaging instead of glass packaging has an absolute advantage. The reality is also true. The share of glass packaging in pharmaceutical packaging is decreasing year by year and is accelerating, and glass packaging is being replaced by plastic packaging. The seemingly simple alternative to cosmetic packaging materials is not simple. Why are cosmetic glass bottles that are superior in quality and cost-effective? The root cause is driven by the economic interests of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. The dispute between plastic packaging and glass packaging is a struggle between strong and weak cosmetics companies and glass packaging companies.

For the plastic bottle glass bottle these two kinds of packaging. They have always been deadly enemies, and they are in a market relationship. For cosmetic bottle manufacturers, choosing one of these two packages must accept the shortcomings of such packaging. For plastic bottles, packaging materials have become more and more abundant in recent years, and blow molding technology is also making progress. It may be a good choice to solve the problem that the two advantages of plastic bottles and glass bottles cannot coexist in plastic bottle packaging.


We all know that the appearance of acrylic packaging has effectively solved the problem that the appearance of plastic bottle packaging is not high enough. This appearance is similar to the packaging of glass bottles, and has the advantages of plastic bottle packaging. Therefore, it is welcomed by cosmetic container manufacturers and is the current cosmetic packaging. The mainstream type. One of the plastic bottles is the safety of the preheating of plastic bottles. Whether the internal structure of the plastic bottles is unstable due to high temperature and the release of harmful substances, this has always been a concern for many consumers. However, we believe that this can be used to understand the corrosion of pesticides on plastic bottles by using the coating technology of pesticide bottles in the bottles. It is obviously a good idea to develop a coating material in a plastic bottle to make the plastic bottle reach a stable structure like a glass bottle without releasing harmful substances.

The diversity of plastics used meets the needs of different product packaging. Most of the ordinary cosmetic packaging containers are made of high-density polyethylene HDPE. In order to meet the needs of different product packaging, the materials used in plastic bottles are also increasingly enriched.

The application of in-film labeling technology has improved the grade of cosmetic plastic container packaging. This technology has been used abroad for quite some time. Its emergence has brought about a very big reform of label packaging. Compared with traditional label packaging, it has unique advantages: anti-counterfeiting effect; improve product grade, label color is more vivid, smooth hand feeling; simplify the production process, greatly improve production efficiency; Low loss, no warping, damage, waterproof, oil, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance. The development and utilization of new materials meets the growing demand for cosmetic packaging.

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